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Menglin Yang

Location: SHB 1024; The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong

About Me

I am a PhD student at Department of Computer Science and Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) supervised by Prof. Irwin King. My research interest includes (temporal) graph representation learning, hyperbolic embedding, and machine learning theory. Currently, I focus on the following research topics:

Welcome undergraduates and Master/PhD students to (remotely) visit our WISC laboratory and cooperate with me for graph-related and hyperbolic research. For an inexperienced undergraduate, we have a mature training program and if you are interested, feel free to drop an email to me. I am always open and looking for collaboration.

Recent Works

  1. [Survey] Hyperbolic Graph Neural Networks: A Review of Methods and Application [pdf][GitHub]
    Menglin Yang, Min Zhou, Zhihao Li, Jiahong Liu, Lujia Pan, Hui Xiong, Irwin King

  2. [SIGKDD 2022] HICF: Hyperbolic Informative Collaborative Filtering (acceptance rate: 15.0%)
    Menglin Yang, Zhihao Li, Min Zhou, Jiahong Liu, Irwin King

  3. [WWW 2022] HRCF: Enhancing Collaborative Filtering via Hyperbolic Geometric Regularization (acceptance rate: 17.7%) [pdf][code]
    Menglin Yang, Min Zhou, Jiahong Liu, Defu Lian, Irwin King

  4. [SIGKDD 2021] Discrete-time Temporal Network Embedding via Implicit Hierarchical Learning in Hyperbolic Space (acceptance rate: 15.4%) [pdf] [code]
    Menglin Yang, Min Zhou, Marcus Kalander, Zengfeng Huang, Irwin King

  5. [ICDM 2020] FeatureNorm: L2 Feature Normalization for Dynamic Graph Embedding (acceptance rate: 9.8%) [pdf] [code]
    Menglin Yang, Ziqiao Meng, Irwin King

  6. [WSDM 2022] Modeling Scale-free Graphs with Hyperbolic Geometry for Knowledge-aware Recommendation (acceptance rate: 20.23%) [pdf][code]
    Yankai Chen, Menglin Yang, Yingxue Zhang, Mengchen Zhao, Ziqiao Meng, Jian Hao, Irwin King

  7. [ICDE 2022] Discovering Representative Attribute-stars via Minimum Description Length.[pdf]
    Jiahong Liu, Philippe Fournier-Viger, Min Zhou, Lujia Pan, Menglin Yang

  8. [SIGIR 2022] BSAL: A Framework of Bi-component Structural and Attribute Learning for Link Prediction. [pdf] [code]
    Bisheng Li*, Min Zhou*, Shengzhong Zhang, Menglin Yang, Defu Lian, Zengfeng Huang
    *The first two authors have equal contribution

  9. [2nd SSL workshop@NeurIPS 2021] Enhancing Hyperbolic Graph Embeddings via Contrastive Learning [pdf]
    Jiahong Liu*, Menglin Yang*, Min Zhou, Shanshan Feng, Philippe Fournier-Viger
    *The first two authors have equal contribution

  10. [GLB workshop@WWW 2022] TeleGraph: A Benchmark Dataset for Hierarchical Link Prediction [pdf] [code]
    Min Zhou, Bisheng Li, Menglin Yang, Lujia Pan

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