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Menglin YANG

Location: SHB 1024; The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong

About Me

I am a PhD student at Department of Computer Science and Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) advised by Prof. Irwin King. I am interested in the (temporal) graph representation learning, hyperbolic/sphere/semi-Riemannian space embedding, and machine learning theory. Currently, I focus on the following research topics:

Welcome outstanding undergraduates and Master/PhD students to visit our WISC laboratory
and cooperate with me for graph-related research. If you are interested, just drop an email
to me. I also looking for a job in academic and industrial, feel free to contact me.


Recent Publications

  1. [Survey] Hyperbolic Graph Neural Networks: A Review of Methods and Application [pdf][GitHub]
    Menglin Yang, Min Zhou, Zhihao Li, Jiahong Liu, Lujia Pan, Hui Xiong, Irwin King

  2. [KDD 2022] HICF: Hyperbolic Informative Collaborative Filtering (acceptance rate: 15.0%)
    Menglin Yang, Zhihao Li, Min Zhou, Jiahong Liu, Irwin King

  3. [WWW 2022] HRCF: Enhancing Collaborative Filtering via Hyperbolic Geometric Regularization (acceptance rate: 17.7%) [pdf][code]
    Menglin Yang, Min Zhou, Jiahong Liu, Defu Lian, Irwin King

  4. [KDD 2021] Discrete-time Temporal Network Embedding via Implicit Hierarchical Learning in Hyperbolic Space (acceptance rate: 15.4%) [pdf] [code]
    Menglin Yang, Min Zhou, Marcus Kalander, Zengfeng Huang, Irwin King

  5. [ICDM 2020] FeatureNorm: L2 Feature Normalization for Dynamic Graph Embedding (acceptance rate: 9.8%) [pdf] [code]
    Menglin Yang, Ziqiao Meng, Irwin King

  6. [WSDM 2022] Modeling Scale-free Graphs with Hyperbolic Geometry for Knowledge-aware Recommendation (acceptance rate: 20.23%) [pdf][code]
    Yankai Chen, Menglin Yang, Yingxue Zhang, Mengchen Zhao, Ziqiao Meng, Jian Hao, Irwin King

  7. [ICDE 2022] Discovering Representative Attribute-stars via Minimum Description Length.
    Jiahong Liu, Philippe Fournier-Viger, Min Zhou, Lujia Pan, Menglin Yang

  8. [SIGIR 2022] BSAL: A Framework of Bi-component Structural and Attribute Learning for Link Prediction. [pdf] [code]
    Bisheng Li*, Min Zhou*, Shengzhong Zhang, Menglin Yang, Defu Lian, Zengfeng Huang
    *The first two authors have equal contribution

  9. [NeurIPS 2021 @SSL workshop] Enhancing Hyperbolic Graph Embeddings via Contrastive Learning [pdf]
    Jiahong Liu*, Menglin Yang*, Min Zhou, Shanshan Feng, Philippe Fournier-Viger
    *The first two authors have equal contribution

  10. [WWW 2022 @GLB workshop] TeleGraph: A Benchmark Dataset for Hierarchical Link Prediction [pdf] [code]
    Min Zhou, Bisheng Li, Menglin Yang, Lujia Pan

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